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This project was all about branding the evolution of OPEX’s remote coaching arm, a necessary and timely move that made more sense for the coaches, the athletes, and both brands.

Like everything Big Dawgs does, this project was born from a striving for excellence. For Big Dawgs, it meant digging into its roots to build a new future. For those that don’t know their functional fitness history, Big Dawgs was the original blog by James Fitzgerald that transformed how people train for competitive fitness forever. The brand takes the heritage of the Big Dawgs name and combines it with a brand that thrives in today’s fitness landscape.


The logo

With a strong name like BIG DAWGS, the logo had to strike the right balance between strength and restraint. Bold, firm and confident, the logomark combines clean lines with custom embellishments to give Big Dawgs a unique mark to represent its coaches, athletes, and fans.

Without screaming to attract attention, the logo allows the brand to flourish around it, establishing its authority without beating its chest.


The logotype was customised with sharp points inspired by canine teeth, giving a nod to the nature of the name without the obvious solution of creating a dog icon.

A shorthand BD icon was also created for use on social media and merchandise.


Online program lead magnets

In the crowded arena that is remote fitness coaching, we decided the best way to invite people into the Big Dawgs pack would be to show them a sample of what they’re missing and raise one important question:

If they could make more progress with this program than anything they’ve ever tried, IMAGINE what would happen if they had a coach who created a program solely for them? ⠀

3 levels of sample training programs were created. One for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes set to Enter, Dominate, or Conquer the world of competitive fitness.


Apparel made to win in

When creating a brand, I often picture the environment it’s going to live in.

With Big Dawgs I knew it would have to stand out in a gym, but more importantly, it would need to make an impact on the competition floor. 

From its sharp lines to the strong colours and language, everything is geared towards making a statement, and the perfect playground for the brand to come alive was apparel. 

The athletes wear their Big Dawgs, Bred for Victory and Adapt or Die shirts proudly, and man they make them look good! 

For me, it’s been incredible seeing people working hard in something I created, and it puts a smile on my face every single time.

What’s even better is seeing people wearing the shirts out hiking, to dinner, just hanging out in them. That’s how I know we’ve created something that’s alive beyond the gym floor, something that people truly connect to, a culture.


Keeping everything on brand

How well a brand is delivered externally depends on how well it is understood internally.

With multiple people posting to the Big Dawgs social media accounts, others handling emails and website copy and PR agencies handling their side, it was important to draw up guidelines to ensure the brand sounds like itself, no matter who’s writing.

Big Dawgs writing is designed to Surprise, Challenge and Empower, and the Our Voice guide gives details, instructions, and checklists on how to do all 3. 

Strong guidelines make for strong brands, and Big Dawgs’ success on social media highlights their ability to stay on brand, at all times.


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