The Self-Guided Clear Brand Workshop

Say hello to brand clarity,
consistency, and connection

Have you ever given yourself a headache trying to come up with a mission statement?
Does your brand keep attracting the wrong clientele?
Is your team checked out, lacking purpose in their work, and treating your business as just a stepping stone?
This course is for you.
Let me guide you to a clearer understanding of your brand's true value, at a fraction of the cost of working with me 1-on-1.

You know exactly how to help people, but you don’t know how to talk about it.

You’re probably really good at what you do, but it doesn’t come across in your branding. It’s all in your head and on the tip of your tongue, but it never comes out right. 
Let’s fix that.
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6 video lessons. A digital workbook. All done in 3-4 hours. 
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Beat brand confusion, step by step.

I designed this course to be easy to follow and deliver immediate positive value to your brand. 
The videos explain the why, what, and how of Brand Mission, Values, Beliefs, and the Ideal Client. 
The digital workbook (not just a Google Doc) asks you the exact questions I ask my clients to uncover the heart of their brand and bring it to life.

What the early adopters say:

"Once we sat down to get this done, it ended up being a lot easier than expected.
Going through the questions made us think about: Who is our ideal client? And how do we speak to them?
Those clients are all we attract now. We also get tons of compliments on the branding and our verbiage because it just works. It’s us, through and through.
This course guided us to all the right answers.
If you’re on the fence about this, don’t be. You’re in great hands."
Chelsea McKee, Velocity Human Design & Optimization

This course is for you if:

What you offer is valuable, but you don’t have the words to describe it.
You want your team to get as fired up about your business and mission as your are.
You wish you’d stop attracting the wrong people as clients and coaches.
You’ve been wanting to rebrand for years, but get overwhelmed with where to start.

Uncover insights and propel your brand forward in 3-4 hours.

Here's what you'll learn & create
Intro & How to Use This Course
Learn about what we'll cover, download the Digital Workbook, and you're good to go!
The Warmup
You don’t pull a 1RM without warming up first, and it’s the same when we build our brand muscles. This section is what will get your mind warmed up for what’s to come.
Brand Mission & Vision
Why does your brand exist? Let's get deep! Answer 3 key questions that unlock the magic of your brand: 
What is your mission? What problem does your mission solve for people? How will you do this?
Brand Values
What does your brand live by? Let's go beyond the usual boring values like Integrity, Honesty, and Quality that put people to sleep. Unpack your heart and mind to uncover the values that will guide your business decisions with purpose.
Brand Beliefs
Let's get into the nitty-gritty. This is where we get into detail about the services you’re delivering and the beliefs that shape how you deliver them.
The Ideal Client
Who do you serve? Let's invent a person! Crafting your ideal client persona helps us design our brand for a specific somebody, rather than a generic everybody. Understand them, resonate with them, win them as clients.
Refine & Polish (optional but encouraged)
Ready to make your brand strategy shine? Take a break, then grab your chisel! I'll guide you through polishing what you wrote, ready to present to your team, DIY your brand, or work with a creative professional to bring your strategy to the world.
BONUS - Present Your Vision
Getting your team aligned with your mission is one of the biggest benefits of this course. Once you finish, I'll send you a BONUS Google Slides template, customizable to your brand. Use it to present your newly discovered insights to your team, and get them on board with your mission!

Hey, I'm Boris!

I build brands and websites for health & fitness professionals. I call it doing Good Work for Good People.
Here’s what most designers don’t tell you: Branding doesn’t begin with design. It begins with a clear strategy.
Without it, we’re just making pretty pictures.
This course is the product of 7 years, 80+ Clear Brand Workshops, and 250+ hours of uncovering the brand missions, visions, values, beliefs and ideal clients of gym owners, online coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs from around the world.
The questions in this course are the exact ones that built the foundation for brands like these:
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No more bland brands.

Ever bought a course and never completed it? Yeah, me too. This won't be one of them. Designed for efficiency and instant value.
No need to block out a week (who has a week?) - Take 3-4 hours and it's done.
Never get left rambling when someone asks "What do you guys do?"
Watch the video, fill in the workbook, move on to the next section, repeat, blow your own mind with your answers.

If you've read this far, there's something I need you to know.
This course is not a lead magnet for my 1-on-1 services. It's not a taste of the bigger pie that I'm going to upsell you on. 
It's a standalone product designed to deepen your understanding of branding, propel your business forward, and get your team on the same mission-driven page.

I'm pumped to see what your brand becomes.

Keen but have questions? Hit me up at

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