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I’m Boris. I’m a brand designer from Sydney, Australia. 

I help gym owners, nutritionists and wellness businesses build brands that attract clients and build thriving cultures.

I’ve always had two great passions, creativity and fitness. 

As a kid I was always creative, and even at a young age I was strangely fascinated by logos, that I would redraw over and over again. I studied Graphic Design and got my first job just over 12 years ago.

Over the years I worked at various design agencies, designing for companies big and small. I was gaining knowledge and experience from 9 to 5, then using it to serve my freelance clients the rest of the time. 

Even at my busiest, I always made time for fitness. On some of my long runs, I would daydream about one day combining my skills as a designer with my knowledge and experience of the fitness industry. 

By designing inspiring brands that connect people to businesses that can change their lives, I could play my part in improving their health and fitness. 

With that mission in mind, Metcon Creative was born, and it’s been getting me out of bed bright and early ever since.

My clients inspire me daily, and I love working with people who truly live to help others. That’s why I often refer to what I do as good work for good people. I’m proud to say that even though they start as clients, many turn into great friends during our work together. 

When I’m not designing logos, brands or websites, you can find me running trails, lifting weights or unwinding with some soul-nourishing unhustle. 

If you have a feeling that your brand could benefit from working with me, get in touch. I’m always open to projects big and small, and I’m happy to give advice to anyone who wants to improve the lives of others. 

You can most easily reach me at, sign up to my weekly newsletter here, and follow my sporadic updates on Instagram. I hope you find some value and inspiration for your brand on this site. 

Yours in creativity and fitness,


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